2015 Arizona Youth University Summer Classics Camp

June 15th, 2015

 Come to Mt. Olympus! Have you ever wanted to be a gladiator, an  
 archeologist, or a mythical creature? Join the 2015 CLASSICS CAMP
 and experience the glories of Greece and Rome! This camp introduces
 middle and high school students (Grades 7-10) to the mythology, food,
 art, languages and history of antiquity. Students will sculpt their own
 Greek vases, create illuminated manuscripts, design mosaics and learn
 Greek and Latin etymologies. They will also experience the world-
 renowned resources of the University of Arizona campus, including
 private tours of artifact collections and a private viewing of the unique
 medieval manuscripts in the Special Collections Library. Campers may
 bring their own lunch or buy it under supervision at the Student Union,
 except for the last day when there will be a Roman Banquet! Join the
 gods on Mt. Olympus for a week in antiquity. Note: Enrollment limited to
 25 students.
 Session Information: June 15-19, Monday– Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
 Day Camp: $375; Day and Overnight Camp: $625 

 Registration: http://www.life.arizona.edu/ayu/listing